Our mission is to create stand-out design pieces with a can-do attitude, all designed and manufactured from start to finish in Finland. We want to put a touch of beauty and positivity in your surroundings to help you create a harmonious and confident environment.


Our passion for nature comes from growing up on farm and we still find our inspiration from the wild outdoors. We love the beauty of the minimalist Nordic style, and has been an influence from the start of our BEdesign journey. 

The rugged nature of the North and time spent deep in the forests and the sea-beaten cliffs in the archipelago continues to inspire us daily. Our love for the minimalist and clean lines draws from our family heritage in architecture and design.

Not only do we aim to create beautiful and functional design pieces but we work towards creating a more sustainable way of life. We choose manufacturers who share our passion for the craft and the smallest details. We want to work with the best manufacturers committing to creating high-quality pieces with longevity.

Our core values that we work for:

- can-do attitude and positive harmony

- stand out pieces

- responsibility

- traditional Finnish craftsmanship

Welcome to join our world!