Deer shelf oak

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The impressive-looking Deer shelf is inspired by the wild deer in the forest, and their noble nature, which is reflected in the appearance of the shelf.

Dimensions: H: 1070mm W: 930mm D: 215mm
Material: solid oak

Shipping time: 1-2 weeks delivery time on products we have in stock, 6-8 weeks on products that comes from manufacturing.

“In the Nordic folk tales, the sight of a Deer is considered to bring good luck and fortune"

The curiosity-awaking shelf is made of solid oak while maintaining a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or your belongings, but also works alone like a piece of art on the wall.

Skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft each Deer shelf. This complex and time-consuming process requires careful attention to details, to bring out the natural beauty of the material. Solid oak is a durable and precious material. Each piece of wood has its own distinctive look, making every shelf unique. The material ages naturally with time creating a beautiful patina that will enhance the uniqueness of each shelf.