For precious and memorable moments, BEdesign creates cherished and functional design items for your everyday usage; now and for years to come. Inspired by Finnish architecture, and love for nature, sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund create a collection of quality crafted items.

Let’s never forget the first time we met.

It starts with a memory, a precious moment, a lasting feeling. A memorable moment; from the smallest detail to the experience as a whole. These are the memories and moments we hold dear and meaningful, and that brightens our daily life.

This is a feeling we wish to convey through our design items, creating products that become cherished and a part of lasting, meaningful moments. 

Father's day gift guide

Father's day in Finland is approaching on November 11th and we have gathered our best advice to help make it the best day ever for the father in your life.

Lume Coat stand

Lume coat stand is suitable to be used alone or combined together for added versatility.

Lume shoe stand

Lume shoe stand is a airy and versatile 2-level shoe stand, perfect for neatly storing any type of shoes.

Bette's home

See inside BEdesign designer and co-founder Bette Eklund's charming wooden house in the historic neighborhood of Turku.