BEdesign is closing and saying

thank you for now

Dear BEdesign community, we've got some important news to share with you. We're saying thank you for now, as our more than 10-year-long journey is coming to an end as we're ending our operation during 2023.⁠

We've dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality design furniture and interior accessories locally in Southwest Finland in a responsible and sustainable manner. While we've seen an increase in the appreciation for our products and made efforts to develop our business, the last few years have presented significant challenges. Despite our numerous attempts, we've been unable to find an economically viable way to continue this mission. Inflation, global crises and rising raw material costs have made it increasingly difficult for us to sustain our operations.⁠

Our designer and creative director, Bette Eklund, aims to ensure that the legacy of BEdesign's products lives on through other brands. It's time for her to embark on new adventures and reimagine our path forward. Bette's goal is to focus on creative work and provide design expertise to external brands.⁠

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. Without each and every one of you, BEdesign would not have grown into what it is today. You've made this journey meaningful and rewarding, and we're enriched with countless experiences. With your help, we've accomplished more than building a world-known design brand. Together, we've created a community centred around the celebration of timeless, functional and high-quality design. We're very grateful for all the photos that you've shared with us and the rest of the community. Seeing our products come to life in your home has been the most fulfilling aspect of our journey.⁠

Love,⁠ the BEdesign team

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