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There is still time to purchase Christmas gifts in our web shop. If you place your order latest on the following dates, we will make sure that you get your gifts delivered in time for Christmas.

Finland: December 9th

Until December 9 at 23:59 (UTC +2), we offer free shipping on all orders within Finland. *This offer does not include our sofas, sofa beds, lounge chairs and Deer Shelf Oak.

the Nordic and Baltic countries: December 9th

the rest of Europe: December 2nd

the rest of the world: November 29th

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BEdesign Gift Card

Founded in 2012 by sisters Cilla and Bette Eklund

BEdesign - The Story

Founders Cilla and Bette are committed to building BEdesign into more than functional and high-quality craftsmanship designs. They share the dream of creating a community around their designs and connecting with people who have given their designs a new home, sharing a special connection with them.

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