The BEdesign Story

A family-owned horse farm, two sisters and one mutual goal: the story of BEdesign begins in 2012 alongside the Aura River near the coastal city of Turku, Finland. Having grown up in a family of architects and designers surrounded by nature and animals, founders and sisters Cilla and Bette Eklund wanted to create minimalistic and timeless yet modern designs for years to come. Designs that would not only look good but also be multifunctional and useful in many different spaces - and bring joy for several generations. Bette started sketching and crafting her designs into products and selling them on small Christmas markets. Cilla, with a few years working for top brands abroad behind her, shared Bette's spark for something of their own. Soon the sketches formed into a business plan and the idea of an international furniture design company was born. There and then BEdesign was founded - following the same goal today of creating simple and serene designs with a purpose.

The two sisters complement one another perfectly. With Bette at the helm of the creative side being the company’s designer while Cilla as the CEO oversees the business aspects - woven together by a sister bond where they trust each other implicitly. The ability to learn from one another, and to see differences of opinion as opportunities for further growth, make the two a truly exceptional team.

Combining a straight-forward approach with captivating positive energy and a can-do attitude, Bette and Cilla are committed to building BEdesign into more than functional and high-quality craftsmanship designs. The sisters' dream of creating a community around their designs and connecting with people who have given their designs a new home, sharing the special moment with them. The products are designed by Bette and made by Finnish craftsmen and women in Finland, enabling sustainable and qualitative manufacturing the two sisters can proudly stand behind.

Today BEdesign encompasses an exclusive collection of design furniture and home accessories. Now and then we are sending out a carefully considered piece of design. Our products are sold all over the world and have collected design awards along the way. In addition to our own online store, we are selling our products at over 60 retailers in more than 18 countries, including luxury department stores such as Lane Crawford, Stockmann, and Vepsäläinen. Their clients include celebrities and companies from all over the world.

As the Finnish nature’s ingenuity continues to be a constant source of inspiration and strength for their everyday living and creativity -  they dream of a selection of products that go far beyond aesthetics, creating moments of value for generations to come.

Welcome to our world!

Let's never forget the first time we met.

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