Hello, Spring Home!

Get inspired by our Spring look book with a balance of Scandinavian femininity and bold attitude. Let a laid-back wardrobe be a stylish and essential part of your interior this spring, helping you get more organized and relaxed for everyday super-woman tasks. Welcome Spring!BEdesign-spring-lookbook-kitchen-nordic-lilybowlBEdesign-spring-lookbook-nordichome-interior-lilybowlBEdesign-spring-lookbook-interior-wardrobe-design-LumecoatstandBEdesign-spring-lookbook-interior-fashion-wardrobe-organization-Lume-shoestandBEdesign-spring-lookbook-coatstand-coatrack-organization-wardrobeGeometrical Lume is a beautiful and airy eye-catcher for your entrance, guest room or bedroom. Style it with powdery tones in the spring for an easy and breezy look.BEdesign-spring-lookbook-Designer-Home-Photo-credit-Krista-KeltanenBEdesign-spring-lookbook-Designer-Home-Photo-credit-Krista-KeltanenUpgrade your Spring for home and let your interior show your personality. Shop all BEdesign Spring items here.

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