3 Steps to a Timeless Interior

Creating a home that is both warm and inviting, as well as timeless and elegant can sometimes feel tricky and even stressful. What colour schemes should I consider? How about furniture and decorations? Finding the perfect balance that is long-lasting and pleasing to the eye does not have to be hard - but requires a plan and a bit of dedication. Here are our tips for a timeless interior, no matter what the trend forecast is.

1. Stick to neutral colours

Trends come and go, but neutral colours will never look out of place. This doesn’t have to mean a monochrome interior; instead focus on finding the perfect hues of just some the main colours. You will be surprised by the amount of grey and white shades available! If you do have an accent colour you always feel drawn to, go ahead and add bits of that too. Your home should, after all, be something you are completely happy with.

2. Consider materials

Investing in natural materials for all soft textiles (linen and wool options are widely available) as well as hard surfaces can be an investment that pays back in the long term. Stone benchtops and timber details will never go out of style and they will create a rich atmosphere full of warmth and elegance. Higher quality pieces are likelier to stand the test of time, so investing in a few quality items can be worthwhile.

3. Don't lose your personality

Finally, don’t get carried away with the idea of timelessness. Maintaining a personal touch is key - and will guarantee a long term result. There is no need to replace everything you currently own with “timeless” choices, but rather honour the pieces you have and add to the collection when necessary. Adding a few personal touches, no matter how quirky (!), will make your house a home.

This article is written by Maria from the Scandihome blog. Maria is an expert in nordic minimalism and sustainable design, born in Lapland Finland, currently living in Sydney Australia with her family. All photos courtesy of the Scandihome blog. 

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