Deer Shelf Oak: the BEdesign signature piece

Deer Shelf Oak is a geometrical bookshelf inspired by the wild deer in the Finnish forests. The shelf is a guaranteed eye-catcher, beautiful as it is and perfect for displaying your favorite items. This stand-out piece will definitely add a touch of attitude and wow in your surroundings.
Deer Shelf Oak is always made to order, which means that the production of it begins only after a confirmed customer order is received. The shelf is handcrafted in Finland by skilled craftsmen who share our passion for the craft and the smallest details. Because of its complex design, the crafting requires utmost precision and artisanal skill. By acquiring a Deer Shelf Oak, you are directly supporting the work of traditional Finnish craftsmanship.
Every shelf has its own unique wood grain pattern. Wood is a living, breathing material. It responds to its environment and, like all living things, it ages. The untreated wood surface will age naturally with time, creating a beautiful patina that enhances the uniqueness of each shelf.

Bring a hint of urban nature to your surroundings with this BEdesign signature piece. By enjoying and taking care of your shelf, it will hopefully bring you joy for years to come.


Each Deer Shelf Oak is marked with a serial number and comes with an attached certification document. With the attached certification document and the serial number on your product, you have a certificate of authenticity to prove you have purchased an authentic BEdesign product made in Finland.

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