BEdesign x Wuoma

For the past two years, hand hygiene has received unprecedented attention and become a central pillar in people's everyday life. One product that has only been commercially available for a few decades, but which many people clearly now view as a necessity is hand sanitizer. Liquid and gel hand sanitizers are increasingly offered to supplement handwashing in schools, offices, restaurants, and public places. At the same time, more and more attention is paid to the appearance, quality, and domesticity of the dispenser system.

When BEdesign's designer Bette Eklund was asked to design hand sanitizer stands for the Finnish company WUOMA, she accepted the request without an ounce of hesitation.

"Hand hygiene has clearly become part of our everyday life and is definitely here to stay. The goal with the design collaboration was to design beautifully timeless hand sanitizer stands that convey social responsibility in a stylish way." Bette Eklund / BEdesign


BEdesign x WUOMA is an exclusive collection created through a design collaboration with the Finnish hygiene product manufacturer WUOMA. The beauty behind the collection lies in its simplicity - with a design language subordinated to the function. Through timeless design, domestic manufacturing, and the use of high-quality materials, sustainability has guided the entire collaboration.

Pure Hand Sanitizer Stand

With a minimalistic and timeless design language, characterized by elegance, Pure adds a touch of luxury to its surroundings. Thanks to its light appearance, it fits all kinds of spaces. The dispenser is equipped with an automatic battery-powered sensor, which makes Pure easy to position and use.

Material: metal
Color: matt black / brass
Design: Bette Eklund / BEdesign Oy
Manufacturing: WUOMA Oy

Noble Hand Sanitizer Stand

With a design language combining clean lines with natural materials, Noble is strongly interpreting the Scandinavian design heritage. With a storage solution for two refill bottles, Noble provides effortless hand hygiene when the need for use is greater. The dispenser is equipped with an automatic battery-powered sensor, which makes Noble easy to position and use.

Material: wood & metal
Color: oak & matt black / brass
Design: Bette Eklund / BEdesign Oy
Manufacturing: WUOMA Oy


WUOMA was established in 2018 with the mission of bringing well-designed and sustainable alternatives to bathroom and hygiene products. The collection is characterized by timeless design and functionality, strongly interpreting the Scandinavian design heritage. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland, with the help of domestic subcontractors known for reliability and high quality.Photo credit: WUOMA Oy

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