Fan Stool: a BEdesign Icon

BEdesign Fan stool design from Finland ScandinaviaBEdesign Fan stool made in Finland Scandinavia

BEdesign's iconic Fan stool is one of the first products designer and co-founder Bette Eklund designed for BEdesign.

"I wanted to design a multifunctional stool that can create several geometrical shapes, equally suitable as a seat, a side table or display surface."

Thanks to its 90-degree shape, it can be combined in several different ways creating a long geometrical bench or circle. Used alone, this elegant stool is perfect for smaller apartments, as it allows the utilization of unused space in room corners.

BEdesign Fan stool design from Finland

Made of birch in Finland

The Fan stool's unique shape is inspired by sun rays seeping through a forest of birch trees, creating a beautiful play of light and shadows. The material used for the Fan stool is 100% Finnish birch veneer.

"A certain playfulness is important to me in the design language. Alvar Aalto is one of my biggest inspirations, making bended wood one of his design signatures and a token for traditional Finnish design".

BEdesign Fan stool design from Finland Scandinavian design

Fan Stool is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Finland. Its bent legs gives the stool a unique and minimalistic look, a fresh design honoring the classic shape. Birch wood as material is beautiful, solid and durable. Known as Finland's national tree, high-qualitative birch wood is beautiful as it is or with a stain of color.

Fan Stool is available in three different varieties. Fan Stool Natural comes with a transparent finish, highlighting the wood grain texture. Add a touch of color by choosing Fan Stool in black or white.

Awarded design

Fan Stool was awarded the Design Pick Award at Asia's leading international design event Design Shanghai in March 2018. A panel of selected judges chose the Fan stool as a design item that "appeals and inspires, and speaks the design language of Design Shanghai".

The Fan stool has been recognized by several design professionals and architects around the world, praising its multifunctionality and classic yet timeless aesthetics.

BEdesign Fan stool made in Finland ScandinaviaFan Stool is now available in our webshop and at selected retailers. Shop Fan Stool here.

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