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The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to leave old things behind and let new things enter.  For us this means taking time to reflect on old things, to organize and declutter in order to make room for new ideas and thoughts. Same applies to decluttering your home: in order to make room for your most loved items and for something new, you need to reflect on items you no longer use.

We want to share with you our best ideas for decluttering, hoping it will help you clear your space and mind.

1. Sell, recycle, and give away things that do not give you joy

This is a long process but really the starting point for everything. There is no idea in keeping things you don't like or use. It feels so good to pass forward the items that you don't need, but someone else will love.

2. Get that one thing you know you will love

Once you have gotten rid of things you will have a clearer idea of what you need, and what you will like in the long run. Decluttering does not have to mean you're never allowed to buy anything again. Moreover, it should be a way of making space for the things that really mean something, things you will use, and things that will help you get even more organized.

3. Hang clothes by type - from dark to light

Hanging your clothes on hangers gives you the best overview on what you actually have. When organized by color going from dark to light, it will look good and make it easier to find the shirt you are looking for. An open wardrobe can be a decorative element in your space where you can showcase your favorite pieces. Beside shirts, you can hang everything on hangers: pants, ties, scarves, tops and dresses. Plus: It saves you time in the morning when you hang the clothes ready for the next day.

4. Pack away the shoes you don't use daily and have the shoes you use neatly on a shoe stand

A good tip at the end of the season is to clean and brush your shoes and put them away in shoe boxes. This way the shoes will be ready to wear when the season comes. Let shoes you use daily stand neatly on shoe stands. It will make the entryway look sharp, without having to put away shoes that you use daily. What are your best organizing ideas for a clutter free home? 

We hope these ideas will help you free some space in your home and mind, making the beginning of the year feel clutter free. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for all things new, stories, behind-the scenes and more! 

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