Father's Day Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day gift guide gift ideas

Father's Day is approaching on November 10th and we have gathered our best advice to help make it the best day ever for the father in your life. A home-made breakfast or a nice day outside in the crispy weather is always a safe choice for a Father's day well spent. However, if you would like to give your father a thoughtful and useful gift as well, see below for 5 of our best ideas from our collection.

Fathers day gift idea

1. Getting organized with Lume Shoe Stand

If your father has a lot of shoes and little organization Lume Shoe Stand could be exactly what he needs. Lume Shoe Stand works well as a side table or night stand for storing books and magazines. Its storage made easy and stylish with the 2-level Lume Shoe Stand. BEdesign Lume Shoe Stands, starting from 135€

Lume shoe stand small

2. Lume hangers & hooks

Help him take care of his nice clothing with our Lume Coat Hanger. Lume Hooks work perfectly for belts, watches or bags while Lume Multi Hanger is ideal for scarfs, pants, and ties. Our hangers and hooks come packed in sets in stylish packaging. Add a ribbon around the box and you are all set. BEdesign Lume hanger and hook sets, starting from 37€Father's day gift set hangersFathers day gift idea Isänpäivä lahja farsdagsgåva

3. The majestic Deer Shelf

This classic BEdesign wall shelf is a true eye-catcher and perfect for displaying your father's most treasured items. BEdesign Deer Shelf, starting from 475€

Deer shelf fathers day gift

4. Lume Coat Stand Mini

We all know the concept of "the chair" for storing clothes. How about giving your father a clothes rack for neatly organizing clothes, ready for the next day? Our Lume Coat Stand Mini fits in a smaller space and has a sturdy and minimalistic look. BEdesign Coat Stand Mini, 260€

5. The gift of choice: a gift card

The BEdesign virtual gift card is a great option, letting your father choose exactly what he wants. BEdesign E-gift card, starting from 50€
Want more ideas? Explore our entire collection here

Bedesign gift card fathers day gift idea

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