How it all started

This exclusive series was created to celebrate our 10th anniversary, which takes place this fall. Follow the series to get a fresh look at BEdesign and a deeper insight into our exciting journey, which began already more than ten years ago. The series includes behind-the-scenes photos that have never been shared before and a visit to our designer Bette Eklund's home in our hometown Turku on the southwest coast of Finland.

This is the second part of the series. Before we dive into our collection and our way of working, let us start with what happened 5 years before the company was founded.

Part 2: The story behind BEdesign

Established in 2012 by sisters Cilla and Bette Eklund.

Sisters Cilla and Bette Eklund founded BEdesign in 2012, but the company began to take shape already years before that. Between 2007-2013, Bette studied Furniture Design at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Turku, Finland and worked for various local companies in furniture design and architecture. During this time, Cilla lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she studied International Business and Strategic Market Creation at Copenhagen Business School (2007-2012) and worked for various internationally renowned top brands. With a family heritage in architecture, design, and entrepreneurship and different, yet complementary interests, Cilla and Bette shared a spark for creating something of their own. With a straightforward approach combined with captivating positive energy, they turned their ideas into a business plan. In 2012 Cilla and Bette eventually established BEdesign with the mission to offer serene designs with a purpose.

2012: Cilla and Bette Eklund showing off the earliest designs in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Already from the beginning of BEdesign’s journey, Cilla and Bette were convinced that their designs should focus on timelessness, functionality, and high quality. They should not only look good but also be able to bring joy for several generations. Cilla and Bette’s love for the minimalist draw from their family heritage in architecture and design and their passion for nature originates from growing up on a farm, surrounded by nature and animals.

“Architecture, design, and nature continue to inspire us in our daily work.”

1922: Cilla and Bette Eklund's great-grandfather and architect Arne Eklund is working at his desk in Turku Cathedral in Turku, Finland.

Read the full BEdesign story here.

Let's never forget the first time we met.

Ever since the start, Cilla and Bette have been committed to building BEdesign into something more than just timeless and functional craftsmanship designs. Their vision is to create a community around their designs; connect with people who choose to give their designs a new home and share that special moment with them. #letsneverforgetthefirsttimewemet

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos that have never been shared before. They were all taken during the first years of BEdesigns journey, between 2012 and 2014.

2014: Bette Eklund with BEdesign's slogan "Let's never forget the first time we met" first time printed on posters.

2013: Early sketches of Lume Collection. The dimensions of the coat stand are different from now and the coat hanger has a completely different design.2013: Our first furniture fair! Building our monter in Greenhouse, a department for unestablished designers, at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Sweden.2013: Cilla Eklund on a factory visit.2013: Our products for sale at former interior store Sisustuksen Koodi, in Turku, Finland.2014: Second year exhibiting our products at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Sweden. This time in the department for established designers.

Already during her studies in Furniture Design (2007-2013), Bette made the sketches for some of today's BEdesign icons. In the next part of this series, we will share the story behind some of them.

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