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This exclusive series was created to celebrate our 10th anniversary, which takes place this fall. Follow the series to get a fresh look at BEdesign and a deeper insight into our exciting journey, which began already more than ten years ago. The series includes behind-the-scenes photos that have never been shared before and a visit to our designer Bette Eklund's home in our hometown Turku on the southwest coast of Finland.

Part 1: BEdesign today

More than a decade of simple and serene designs with a purpose.BEdesign was established in 2012 by sisters Cilla and Bette Eklund. What started as a small family-owned business in Turku, Finland is today an internationally renowned company, celebrated for its standout design. With more than 60 retailers in more than 18 countries, including luxury department stores such as Lane Crawford, Stockmann and Vepsäläinen, our products are sold worldwide and have collected design awards along the way. Almost 10 years later, we still run the business from our hometown Turku, Finland.In 2018 Fan Stool won "Design Shanghai Picks Award" at Design Shanghai Fair in Shanghai, China.

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We offer stand-out design pieces with a can-do attitude, designed and manufactured from start to finish in Finland. Our minimalistic collection is inspired by the rough nature of the North and includes designer furniture and home accessories for both private and public spaces.

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In addition to our collection, we offer companies product design and custom-made products.

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Our vision is to create a community around our designs; to connect with people who have given them a new home and share that special moment with them. #letsneverforgetthefirsttimewemet


Our mission is to put a touch of beauty and positivity in your surroundings to help you create a harmonious and confident environment.


BEdesing reflects a set of values that we can be proud of. We are dedicated to celebrating the beauty of life.

STAND-OUT DESIGN. We want to offer timeless, functional, and high-quality designs with that little something extra. In our collection, organic shapes such as undulating lines, dynamic curves and powerful arches, stand in contrast to strongly geometric shapes.

DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING. We want to employ local professionals and thus support the local economy and the heritage of the Finnish furniture industry, bringing more vitality and continuity to the region and strengthening the position of Finnish design and know-how in Finland and the rest of the world. All our products are manufactured locally in Southwest Finland with respect to the traditions of Finnish wood and metalwork. We strive to make a lasting positive impression, both in your home and on this planet. We put an emphasis on every step in the design- and manufacturing process, recognizing that everything is borrowed from nature and will one day return. Later in this serier you can read more about our view on sustainability, responsibility and transparency.

In the following part of this series, you can read more about the story behind BEdesign.

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